Setting the standard for how we conduct our business

At Downer, we pride ourselves on our brand and reputation, and realise this is directly linked to the behaviour of our people.

On 9 December we launched our refreshed Standards of Business Conduct, which outlines how our people should conduct themselves when dealing with our customers, suppliers, communities and each other. The Standards of Business Conduct stipulates what is required in relation to workplace behaviour, workplace safety, diversity and inclusion, corporate governance, engaging with stakeholders, and sustainability.

A number of important changes have been made to the Standards of Business Conduct policy, which can be found on our website. Changes include an update to the Business Integrity Policy, which sets out how to report misconduct or other illegal behaviour; clarity on the threshold for the acceptance of gifts and benefits; information on Downer’s position on modern slavery; and we make it easier to see what other policies staff are required to comply with.

“Downer’s continued success depends on our ability to deliver results for our customers and for each other,” Downer CEO, Grant Fenn, said. “In delivering these, it is also important that we adhere to the Standards of Business Conduct. This applies to every one of us, including Directors, employees, contractors and agents representing Downer and its subsidiary companies, including Spotless.”

For Spotless staff, this policy replaces the Code of Conduct. There are no material changes to what is expected of our people, but it aligns Spotless with Downer in a very important aspect of our business operations.