Construction at Brendale gathers pace

Construction is well progressed on the state-of-the-art asphalt plant at Downer’s new Brendale Sustainable Road Resource Centre in Queensland.


The main infrastructure is now in place and the facility is on track to be fully operational in April.

One of the last pieces to be installed was the advanced Hot Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (HRAP) drum. HRAP is asphalt that is excavated from existing roads, recycled into new asphalt, and then re-laid on roads and other surfaces.

The HRAP drum is specifically utilised for gently heating RAP which is then introduced into asphalt mixes. This allows for a more controlled heating process which in turn maintains the quality and performance of the asphalt mix. It also enables a higher percentage of HRAP to be used so that the overall product is more sustainable.

“By utilising more HRAP in our products, we also reduce CO2 emissions associated with the extraction and processing of virgin materials,” Downer’s Manager, Queensland – Pavements, Darryl Byrne, said.

The next stage of the Sustainable Road Resource Centre will be the construction of a Downer Reconomy facility at the site, which will use industry-leading practices to actively divert waste from landfill and re-engineer materials for suitable reuse in established markets.

Development of the Reconomy facility at Brendale is being supported by a $2.5 million grant from the Queensland Government’s Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP).

“The advanced technology that will be used at the new Downer Reconomy facility will ensure the productive use of more than 35,000 tonnes of waste per annum from council and municipality roads in South East Queensland,” Queensland Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Steven Miles, said.